Hire with us!

How to hire a software developer with us

Select your project type

You might have a plan to make a web application, mobile application or mix of them as a big platform out of your great idea. No matter what you have selected, just choose the right plan and submit your prototype. Don't worry about your idea, we will secure your idea with a NDA.

Web based applications

Web based applications such as cms-ready like wordpress, woocommerc or even your business simple website

Mobile based applications

Native & Hybrid iOS, Android mobile application

Choose technology & developers

You have a wide variety of coding languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, Golang and also list of skilled developers to join your project and deliver your product. A great Cventix help! a product owner and a technical lead will join you to manage and run your project over your coding and testing phase.

Popular technologies

PHP, Python, Rubi, Java, React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, Swift, DotNET, AWS

Developers skill set

Front-End, Back-End or Full-Stack developers


There is no lock in contract. You just need to pay for the time that your developers work for you. You can also add a new developer with new skill set to your project. Isn't it fantastic?!

Monthly subscription

You will pay monthly for basic & standard plan as long as you need this service

Customized service as a "Pro"

You will have dedicated full-stack developer(s), full-time based on technology you need for long-term and big projects

Pricing and plans



Web application

  • Number of developer
  • Needed hours
  • Delivery management
  • Business analysis consult
  • Technical consult



17.99 AUD 1 person/hour



28.99 AUD 1 person/hour


1How does Cventix work?
Cventix is a software development company and also a leading remote stuffing company. Basically you can do your software development with a remote team. In another word, Cventix provides you a cloud company, you don’t need to rent a place or hire developers to start working physically in your office, just set up a remote company on Cventix website and hire remote developers overseas. Communicate with them and deliver your project.
2How do I start with your service?
Select your project type, then choose the number of developers, name your cloud company/project and create your workspace dashboard. Pay for the service that you have selected and enjoy the benefit of working remotely.
3What is the benefit of your service?
No interviewing process, we have done it for you No cost on employment advertisement No cost for employment tax No legal commitment for full-time employment. You can cancel it by a click No office costs Money Guarantee by Cventix Free technical consult Free Business analysis No lock in contract Fast cloud company set up
4I have a small projects, don’t need a full time developer, what can I do with your service?
Just select one developer, for hours you need him/her(part-time). Then name your project, we will redirect you to payment section and your dashboard. Now you are ready to start communication with your developer.
5Can I hire a team of Mixed skills?
Yes, you can select number of developers and different skill sets, then match them in a team, you can also have your dashboard to manage the project and team members. Another great option is that you can expand your team members during the project correspondingly.
6Can I hire a dedicated employee for a year?
Yes, If you believe that you need one or some developers for an ongoing project at least for a year, you can easily select the skill set and work with your dedicated employee in the dashboard area. For that, you need to request us for long term service.
7What is the difference between web/mobile developers and Full-stack developers?
As you can see in the skill list of developers, a full-stack developer can handle a wide range of tasks in front-end and back-end side. I in some cases a full-stack developer is able to handle both web application and mobile applications.
8Since I have full-time employees on Cventix, Do I need to worry about the tax and payroll?
Not at all! You just pay for the service that you received and our accountants will take care about the payroll process and tax.
9My business idea is unique, How can I trust and share it with Cventix and also my remote employees?
We make this part easy and standard! We will sign a NDA with you to assure you everything is safe and protected.
10I don’t have time to interview the employee, how can I make sure the remote developer is competence enough?
We spend a fair amount of time on qualification and interviewing. All developers have been tested by small-medium projects to make sure they can handle your job perfectly. In addition, a technical lead and a business analyst will monitor the project along with quality assurance agent.
11How soon a developer can start working on my project?
Once you set up your cloud company, the developer will assign to your project and you can start.
12I need more information for using your service!
Great! Happy to help.
You can either chat online or contact us by sending a message or call us.
13How can I terminate your service?
You can officially notify us by written notice in your dashboard at least 10 business days before the time you want to cancel your service. An agent will contact you for customer feedback and deliver your critical information. You will be charged until the cancelation time.
14What if I am not satisfy with the quality of my employee(s)?
Once you notify us, we will contact you to serve. If you need a different requirement or even want to work with someone else we will replace the developer with another person. You don’t need to give us a reason. We will serve you as you wish.
15Are your services pre-paid?
Yes, that’s a pre-paid monthly service. Doesn’t matter you change your mind. You can cancel your service and no issue for future!
16What is the billing schedule of your service?
5 days before finishing the current month, we will invoice you to extend your service. You can also add/remove developers from your team to manage your cost.